Handmade & Hi-Tech

Our overshoes are no mere rubber galoshes. Using hi-tech materials 3XDRY™ and c_change™, each pair is handmade, crafted to perfection by artisans with years of experience. Our overshoes are waterproof, stretchable and breathable and certified by blue sign™ for their sustainability. The outer layer is stain repellent and in case they get really dirty, our overshoes are also machine-washable.



Our carefully selected materials and taped handstitched seams will keep you’re feet not only dry – but also perfectly temperatured – wether it’s a snowy winter morning or a rainy summer afternoon. Further more, the  smooth lining will keep  your favourite shoes unscratched and just as shiny as they were before you slipped your pair of Fred&Matt on over them.



Tradition & Innovation

After a long search for the best shoemaker we finally found Klaus Pfaltzgraf in Pirmasens, just outside Frankfurt, Germany. For generations his family have been making shoes in the area, which once gathered the foremost shoemakers in the world. After many hours of drawing, cutting, forging, welting and a bit of crying, we found the construction that would bring out the best of the brilliant materials we are working with. A new overshoe was born.

Fabrik 20120927-1050535


Born in Sweden

The Fred&Matt overshoe was born in Sweden. It is designed to meet all requirements that the Scandinavian weather demands. Sweden is a lovely country with huge variations in climate. From warm and sunny days in July – to ice cold freezing winter days in February. We have put our Swedish heritage in to the product to make you as safe, strong and stylish as possible when you capture the world.


… We love your shoes too



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